Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is a very common type of fencing. This type of fencing can also be referred to as wire netting, chain-wire fence, or diamond-mesh fence. It is recognized by its characteristic diamond shape created by the wire being hooked together in a zig-zag fashion. This type of fencing is popular because it has a low cost and due to its transparent property it will not block sunlight. This will allow plants in the area to live and is great for protecting smaller livestock or vegetation you may be growing.

Vinyl Fence

Since the 1980s fencing made of synthetic materials have proven to be durable and efficient options for containing and protecting livestock. Fencing often becomes brittle over the course of time due to exposure to weathering, however synthetic materials such as vinyl fencing help prolong the durability of your fence. Vinyl fencing is strongly recommended for situations where you want to contain larger animals so that they cannot escape into the surrounding environment.

Pool Fence

JB Fence Pros strongly recommends having a fence around your pool. In fact, many local or state governments do more than recommend it, making it illegal to own a pool without having it enclosed by a fence. Having a fence around your pool helps protects you from legal action if someone happens to stumble into your pool and become injured, or perhaps even drown. Furthermore, having a fence around your pool will help keep you from waking up and having to fish dead animals out of your pool. Without a pool fence who knows what can end up in your pool? JB Fence Pros is ready to help you install your pool fence in an attractive manner so that you still have a beautiful view when you decide to go for a relaxing swim.

Picket Fence

Picket fencing is iconic when it comes to the American Dream, and it is no wonder why this is the case. Picket fencing gives American homes a charming appeal that has lasted for generations in our nation. The white picket fence originated during colonial times as not only a way to make the landscape look better, but as a way to keep your family pets near the home and to keep your children from wandering off and getting into trouble. The term “picket” comes from the historical pointed stakes that infantry used to repel horsemen, and similarly helped keep colonial families safe. Historically picket fencing was largely created out of wooden boards, however often in modern times synthetic materials are used. This is because of the weathering of wood causes the owner to constantly be replacing boards and repainting the fence. Whichever way you choose to have your picket fence, be sure to give JB Fence Pros a call to have the best picket fence in your neighborhood.

Iron/Steel Fence

Iron and Steel fences are your go to types of fence when you want durability and protection. These options are advised when you want to consider security to protect your property. Iron fencing is less durable than steel, and requires more frequent repairs. However, iron is more resistant to shocks and vibrations, and iron fencing breaks more gradually than steel. When iron is met with force, it will bend but ultimately stand. On the other hand, when steel breaks, it does not bend and will just break in two, but requires much more force to cause any damage. In areas with high traffic that may result in your fence being struck, iron is your go to choice. When looking at steel, steel is great for areas such as keeping people from invading your property by breaking down your fence. Ultimately, when you need to choose between iron and steel, our fencing company can offer you expert advice.

Wood Fence

Throughout American history, wood has been the most popular fencing material. Wood is inexpensive and lightweight, and can be shaped in many different ways. There are many styles of wood fencing, enabling the individual to cater their style of fencing to fit their home and property. Wood can be fashioned into almost any design you can imagine and the professionals at JB Fence Pros are waiting for your call to help you realize your dream’s potential.

Aluminum Fence

Unlike iron and steel, aluminum fencing is not quite as strong. However, it handles weathering and time much better, creating its own type of unique durability. Aluminum fencing is great if you want to install a fence around your property and not have to perform maintenance. Aluminum fencing is also very light, making it extremely easy to install in areas that you may have difficulty installing iron or steel fencing. Call JB Fence Pros today to inquire more about aluminum fencing.


When building your fence, do not make the mistake of forgetting about gates. Gate sizes can vary depending on the needs of your fencing, from allowing people to walk through the fence to allowing various kinds of vehicles to pass through. If you are putting a fence around your pool, you may only want to leave space for people to enter and leave the pool area. However, if you are putting up vinyl fencing for your livestock, you may want to leave room to allow tractors or other methods of carrying food to your livestock in mass quantities. Regardless of how you want your gate to be constructed for your fence, call us at JB Fence Pros so we can help!